Rani Mukerji breaks her silence about her miscarriage, says "It is traumatic for me that I can't give a sibling to my daughter" (EXCLUSIVE)

Rani Mukerji Breaks Her Silence About Her Miscarriage, Says
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Leading Hindi actress Rani Mukerji recently took part in a fan fest organized by Galatta India where she interacted with her fans, while looking back her glorious journey in the film industry and also opened up about her miscarriage, which she said was traumatic. Known best among Tamil cinema audiences for her role as Aparna Ram in 'Ulaganayagan' Kamal Haasan's Hey Ram (2000), the popular Bollywood star shared about how she and husband Aditya Chopra began trying for a second child a year after she gave birth to daughter, Adira

Speaking about her miscarriage, Rani said, "I tried for a baby for almost seven years. Now, my daughter is eight years and immediately after she was one or one and a half years, I tried for my second and I kept trying and I finally got pregnant. And, then I lost the baby. So, obviously it was a very, very testing time for me, and I'm also not very young, though I look young." She added, "This birthday I'm turning 46. The basic thing is that the more I grow older, the more younger I should look (laughs). I'm working very hard on that. But, each time I come in front of you all, I want you to think of me as Tina (Kuch Kuch Hota Hai) only (laughs)." 

Rani then stated, "Though I look so young outside, but obviously I'm going to be forty six years old. So, it's not an age where I can have another baby and it is traumatic for me that I can't give a sibling to my daughter and that really pains me. But, then I feel that we have to be always grateful for what we have than what we don't. And, for me, Adira is my miracle child and I'm really happy that I have her because when I look at parents who are struggling to have even that one baby." She continued, "So, for me, I feel that I have to be grateful for that. Be grateful for what you have. Now, it's a saying that we might just say it. But, to actually work on it and to believe the fact that you need to be grateful for what you have, it takes a lot of courage. That to just be content with whatever you have. So, I'm working on that and I'm telling myself that Adira is enough."

Rani Mukerji revealed about her miscarriage for the first time at the Indian Film Festival of Melbourne last year and said that she chose not to speak about it during film promotions as she felt it would "come across as me trying to speak about a personal experience that would propel the film." Rani and Aditya Chopra tied the knot in a private ceremony in 2014 and were blessed with their daughter Adira the following year. Her 2023 film, Mrs. Chatterjee vs Norway, which saw her play the role of a mother, featured her in a battle to reunite with her children. 

Watch Rani Mukherji talk about her miscarriage at her fan fest in the video below: