Almost everybody in Kollywood would know who Nikkil Murugan is! A man who has been seen flitting around on-stage and off-stage at many cinema functions, ushering in celebrities, handling the media people, ensuring the smooth functioning of the event but doing all this, with a dazzling smile on his face! The two things that stand out about this dynamic man are his never-ceasing smile and his flashy, stylish clothes. Many a celebrity themselves have mentioned about Nikkil's fashion sense and how it attracts people. Being a publicist, Nikkil Murugan has already worked with almost all the top stars in tinsel town but he does not just rest on these laurels and keeps pushing himself to stay ahead of the curve. Having had the same attraction towards Cinema as most people, Nikkil did not just rush into the field, wanting to become an actor!

In his own words, Nikkil first learnt what not to do in Cinema, before deciding what to do. He chose his career carefully and made his debut with the Thala Ajith - Chiyaan Vikram movie Ullaasam, in 1997! In a career touching 25 years, Nikkil Murugan has worked in over 1000 movies as a movie publicist, and is continuing to go strong. Despite being in movies for so long, Nikkil has made very few fleeting appearances on screen, that too in some miniscule sequences. However, it looks like now is the time for him to take the big leap and make a strong on-screen appearance! It was announced towards the end of last year that Nikkil Murugan would be playing the role of a cop in director Vijay Sri G's upcoming movie Powder, which will see Vidya Pradeep in a lead role! Wonder how it would be to see this amicable PRO appearing as a tough cop?

We need not wonder any more! For the teaser of Powder - A Vijay Sri G makeup, was unveiled yesterday on the occasion of India's Republic Day! In less than a full day since, the teaser has already crossed over 3.5 million views and it goes to show the levels of expectation for this Powder! The teaser opens to Nikkil Murugan talking over the phone, which is an image all of us would have seen but this time around, his serious and tense reactions come as a surprise. The nearly 2 minutes long teaser, centres around Nikkil and the serious cop we see on screen is nowhere close to the amiable PRO we have seen in person over the years. Earlier, director Vijay Sri G had announced that he had roped in Nikkil for a cop's role and that he had asked the PRO to hit the gym and work out hard to get into the right physique for suiting the role. Nikkil, who is known for his dedication in whatever he does, put in all the hard work and sweated it out in the gym to get ready for the role and it shows in the teaser. 

Only a very few people know that Nikkil was supposed to have actually made his debut in a full-fledged role, in director Vignesh Shivn's super hit movie Naanum Rowdy Dhaan itself! This movie, which had Makkal Selvan Vijay Sethupathi and Nayanthara in the lead roles, had veteran villain Anandaraj playing a vital comical role! In one of his interviews to the media, director Vignesh Shivn had mentioned that he had originally scripted the role with Nikkil Murugan in mind and that he had even approached the PRO for the role. However, that did not happen then but now Nikkil Murugan seems all set to make a splash, as an actor too! A top flight PRO, who handles many leading celebrities, it remains to be seen how he juggles his acting as well as PRO career. Knowing his career so far, we are sure that he would ace this challenge too! 

Check out the Powder teaser here: