A few days back, actor Prasanna had posted a tweet asking his followers if anyone felt that the Tamil Nadu Electricity Board (TNEB) is looting money during this lockdown phase. Surprisingly, the majority of the people resonated with Prasanna’s opinion and felt the same. Following that, the Government released an official press note, clarifying on how the final payable amount is calculated for the current cycle. It was also pointed out that Prasanna had not paid his electricity bill for the month of March and hence that amount was added along with the current cycle’s bill.

Reacting to this, Prasanna shared a note on his Twitter page, clarifying his tweet and the issue. He mentioned that his intention was never to hurt or offend the TNEB or the officials working there. Prasanna’s official statement read, “It is true that I didn't pay my EB bill last time and that is because the reading wasn't recorded. I usually pay my bills within 10 days after the recording. I didn't tweet about this for my personal benefits and gain. I wanted to know how many of them felt that high rates were charged for the electricity in the last two months.

My intention was never to defame the TNEB. My only request is that it would be really helpful if the Government and TNEB realize the current situation and extend the deadlines to pay the bills. I am worried that my tweet has offended the workers and officials working in TNEB. I hope the Government would consider this plea and lend its support to the people. I have paid my bills fully without any dues." Check out Prasanna’s tweet below: