Prime Minister Narendra Modi issued a statement on Monday during his video conference saying the nation's fight against the novel coronavirus has been led by the "medical community and corona warriors". Speaking at the inauguration of silver jubilee celebrations of the Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences in Bengaluru, PM Modi added saying, "violence, abuse and rude behaviour against the frontline workers is not acceptable". He further went on to state that, "The virus may be an invisible enemy. But our warriors, medical workers are invincible. In the battle of invisible vs invincible, our medical workers are sure to win,".

The PM also spoke in high regard of health workers across the country saying, "At the root of India's brave fight against COVID-19 is the hard work of the medical community and our corona warriors. In fact, doctors and medical workers are like soldiers, but without the soldiers' uniforms. I want to state it clearly- violence, abuse and rude behaviour against front-line workers is not acceptable,".

The nation has reopened after two months of lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic starting today and in a phased manner. Steps are being taken to unlock nation with the government on Saturday unveiling a phased plan to exit the lockdown, which was extended to June 30. India is the seventh worst-affected country in the world due to the COVID-19 virus, which has left more than 1.9 lakh people to test positive for the infection while 5,300 deaths have been recorded to date.