Controversy's favourite child Ram Gopal Varma known for his sarcastic and caustic remarks and statements is at it again with yet another adult film titled Naked Nanga Nagnam. A few days back, he had released an adult film called Climax which featured porn star Mia Malkova in the lead role. You can watch the film by paying 100 rupees on Ram Gopal Varma’s official website called Over 1.5 lakh people had watched climax on RGV’s website in less than 12 hours. That’s a staggering number - “In less than a day 1,68,596 people saw #Climax by paying Rs 100 per view making it a GAME CHANGER ..Many find a novelty in the strange film which is a good Corona break, For Bookings:”  
Strictly 18+ | Ram Gopal Varmas Naked movie trailer Strictly 18+ | Ram Gopal Varmas Naked movie trailer
The success of Climax has promoted Ram Gopal Varma to release another adult film Naked Nanga Nagnam on his website, he has increased the price to 200 rupees per watch and has now unveiled a trailer for the same. The trailer looks strictly average with some b-grade adult content. But however, we assume, the content will satisfy the targeted audience. RGV had a forgettable 2019 with his two directorial ventures Lakshmi's NTR and Amma Rajyam Lo Kadapa Bidalu, both bombing at the Box Office. However, nothing seems to dampen his high spirits. He launched the trailer comparing with SS Rajamouli - “I am not Rajmouli and this is not RRR but I am me and this is NNN check the trailer”