"Some people have asked whether this is a selfish decision, but..." - Nayanthara's speech at menstrual health event wins hearts (WATCH)

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'Lady Superstar' Nayanthara and her filmmaker husband Vignesh Shivan took part in a grand event highlighting the importance of hygiene and period protection for women at Salem, Tamil Nadu, on Wednesday, January 10. Expressing her joy at meeting fans at the event, the leading Tamil actress revealed that they are the reason for the big celebrations today. She said, "I believe this collaboration is important. Some people have asked whether this is a selfish decision, but this has been done in public interest. We want to be socially responsible by doing this. It is a business for everyone and all are earning money. You have grown to the point of not asking your father, husband, brother, or anyone for anything and that you require money to look after your children. You are all doing what is necessary for you." 

Emphasizing the importance of menstrual health, Nayanthara stated, "I believe that its awareness has not fully reached the women in our country. The people who spoke here before me, Gopinath sir and Vignesh Shivan sir, have shared their experiences and how such things were discussed in their homes and how sanitary napkins are usually called. We never use the name of the sanitary napkin or say 'sanitary napkin' when we need one. But, today, we are discussing this on a stage here in the presence of so many men and women, and I feel that is a big change. So, we believe that this awareness has to reach every woman in our country, and they should understand it. Once they become aware about it, they will look after themselves. It is important that they take care of their health."

Watch Nayanthara's speech in the video below: