Vanitha Vijayakumar had recently posted on her Twitter page saying that popular comedy artist Nanjil Vijayan apologized for his behaviour in the past few days. She also added that Nanjil Vijayan assured to put up a clarification video on his YouTube channel. Vanitha’s tweet read, “@Nanjilvijayan1 called me and told me everything that happened from the beginning. he had nothing against me as he and I never met and dont even know each other. Suriya devi is the culprit for all this confusions and kasthuri has misused the situation as usual by bringing him into The picture and making him talk in her live etc etc. he felt bad that he put abusive public opinion videos about me in his channel. He explained he was angry since I had complained about him in a case he was not related to. some middle people have played a game bringing him in to The picture. I accepted his apology since I felt he was unnecessarily dragged into the matter and he is a young talent and does not need controversies hanging around him in his growing stage.

This news came as a surprise for a lot of people who were constantly following this issue. However, it looks like Vanitha has misunderstood Nanjil Vijayan as there seems to be a new twist. Nanjil Vijayan took to his Twitter page this afternoon to make an important clarification regarding the issue. Through his tweet, Nanjil Vijayan made it clear that he just talked to her to talk and make her understand a few things about the issue and added that he never apologized.

He posted, “ஒரு சில பிரச்சினையை பேசி புரிய வைப்பதற்க்கு முயற்சித்தால் அதை நான் மன்னிப்பு கேட்டேன் என்று நீங்கள் உணர்ந்து கொண்டாள் பாவம் நீங்கள் இன்னும் வாழ்வில் நிறைய பிரச்சனையை சந்திக்க தயாராக இருங்கள் … Am not asking apologize to u @vanithavijayku1 #NanjilVijayan #VanithaVijayakumar”. The tweet is loosely translated as, “I tried to make you understand about some problems, but if you considered it to be an apology from me, I pity you. Be ready to face a lot more problems in your life. I am not apologizing to you.

So, it looks like Nanjil Vijayan is in no mood to apologize as his tweet suggests. If he is not going to apologize, what is going to be Nanjil Vijayan’s next plan of action? For the uninformed, Nanjil Vijayan is a budding comedy artist and television presenter who rose to fame with his performance in Kalakka Povathu Yaaru. He was dragged into the Vanitha Vijayakumar controversy when she (along with her lawyer) filed a complaint against him saying that he has connections with YouTuber Suriya Devi. Check out Nanjil Vijayan’s latest tweet below: