As wearing a mask has become the new norm since the COVID-19 outbreak in China towards the end of last year, governments around the world have been urging people to adhere to it as a form of precaution. With the face mask proving to be one among the few defensive measures to stop the transmission of the novel coronavirus, a video of a little boy in rural Ecuador putting on a mask on his pet dog has gone viral on social media. 

Countless people have been touched by the boy's act to make sure his best friend is well-protected against the infection. The boy has been identified as Anthony Hernandez, aged 10, and living in Ambato, Ecuador, with the video showing him and his dog 'Gudi' leaving home on his bicycle. Anthony's efforts in the video have surely spawned a worldwide reaction to the use of masks while stepping out of the house with many lauding his dedication to make sure his best friend is safe from COVID-19.

The video has garnered over 5 lakh views since being shared online by international news agency, Reuters, on their Twitter page, which has gone on to evoke a strong reaction from people around the globe. One among the numerous comments read, "This kid is having more knowledge than adults. At least he is responsible enough to take care of himself and his dog,". Another reaction reads, "what a kind, loving boy!!!!". "Here’s a beautiful moment of love and compassion from the eyes of a child! #LoveIsEssential #COVID19" was a message of appreciation posted on video. 

Watch the video here: 

As South America has turned out to become one of the worst-hit continents in the world due to the COVID-19 outbreak, Ecuador has to date recorded 86,524 positive cases, with the number of deaths totalling to 5,750 persons. The country is showing a steady improvement in the number of recoveries as 36,213 people have been discharged after undergoing hospital treatment.