The state-backed newspaper China Daily on Tuesday said the government can respond to the United States' decision to push the Chinese technology company, ByteDance, to sell its short-video app, TikTok's US operations to Microsoft, and labeled the move as a "theft".  

The editorial in China Daily further said the country is left with no choice but a "submission or mortal combat in the tech realm" in regard to the United States' "bullying" of Chinese tech companies, which they quoted was a result of Washington's uncompromising vision of "American first". It added that China had "plenty of ways to respond if the administration carries out its planned smash and grab".

On Monday, Microsoft issued a statement saying it was holding discussions to acquire parts of TikTok after a reversal on banning the app on national security grounds was made by U.S. President Donald Trump, giving the firm a time of 45 days to strike a deal. 

U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said over the weekend that Trump would resort to moving forward with action against software companies in China that were involved in sharing user data with the Chinese government.

The Chinese daily tabloid newspaper, The Global Times, also said that the actions of the US towards ByteDance and Huawei Technologies, which is currently on a US trade blacklist, showed the Western superpower taking steps to differentiate its economy from that of China. 

The newspaper added saying China had a "limited ability" to offer protection to the Chinese firms in retaliation against US companies, considering the United States stood taller in terms of technological superiority as well as influence along with its allies. In an editorial, it said, "China’s opening-up to the outside world and disintegrating the U.S. decoupling strategy should be priorities,". The Global Times is published by the People’s Daily, the official newspaper of China’s ruling Communist Party.