Veteran Kannada actor Krishna G Rao died due to age-related illness on Wednesday, December 7, at a private hospital in Bengaluru, Karnataka. The actor became a popular name among fans after his appearances in the nationwide blockbuster KGF franchise and was in critical condition over the last few days. Krishna had worked as an assistant director for many years in the Kannada film industry, while also making appearances in small roles, including late actor Shankar Nag's films. He garnered fame after playing the role of an elderly blind man in both the KGF films, with his powerful dialogues impressing the masses.

Post the spectacular box office and critical success of the KGF films, Krishna G Rao landed a big role and was cast as the lead in the comedy venture, Nano Narayanappa, under Kumar's direction, which is awaiting its release in Telugu, as per reports. When asked in an interview about how he landed the offer first to act in K. G. F: Chapter 1 in 2018, he revealed that he received a call to audition for the role and left the casting team impressed with his performance and acting skills. The news of Krishna's passing has left Kannada cinema fans sad and many have been pouring their condolences and paying their tributes on social media.

The KGF films have garnered a huge fan following, with the first installment receiving a phenomenal response after being released on Amazon Prime Video. The thunderous feedback to K. G. F: Chapter 1 on streaming created massive hype for the sequel when it was released in theatres earlier this year. K. G. F: Chapter 2 took a sensational opening everywhere and is currently sitting in the top 5 list for the highest-grossing Indian films of all time.