Sad news for the Italo community, Alberto Carpani is also known as Albert One or Jock Hattle had passed away on the 11th of May.  Alberto Carpani was an Italian singer, best known for his Italo disco releases in the late 1970's and early 1980's as Albert One, and his Eurodance release "Sing a Song Now Now" in 1999 as A.C. One. He was also a DJ and music producer. On Sunday 11th of May, Alberto Carpani died due to the COVID-19 at the age of 64. 
Alberto Carpani was known in the 1980s. He released the singles Yes No Family, Turbo Diesel, Heart on Fire, Lady O, For Your Love, Secrets, Hopes & Dreams, Everybody, Visions, and Loverboy. They were released by ZYX Music and Baby Records (Italy). He was known as A1, Jock Hattle, Albert One, and A.C. One. He was involved in many Italo projects such as Clock On 5, Enola, Funny Twins, Tom Dollar, and X-One. His last major hit, 1999 single "Sing a Song Now Now", reached number 6 in the Spanish music charts.