Trance is recently released Malayalam which will now be dubbed an aired in Telugu on Aha OTT channel. The streaming platform had arranged a small interview with Gautham Menon who has acted in Trance; The director later released the Telugu trailer of Trance as well. Here is what the director had to talk about Trance and why he was a part of the project followed by the trailer,“I hope even Trance does well just the way Kanulu Kanulanu Dochayante (Telugu version of Kannum Kannum Kollaiyadithaal) performed. I won’t say I had a fun time; it was a huge learning experience for me working on this film with some masters at work I would say, the director Anwar Rasheed, cinematographer Amal Neerad and Fahad Fassil whom I am a big fan of. These three were this film completely, I mean they put together this film and I went on board only for these three, the team as such. Just watching them at work, watching Fahad getting ready for every shot and being in the same frame with him and speaking the language maybe I am not entirely comfortable with but with live sound and all that, it was very very interesting for me and a huge learning.  
I don’t think about me as an actor, I don’t wake up in the morning to act in a film but when the offer came my way and because of the team I said yes. I any day prefer to be behind the camera not in front of the camera at all. I think the possibility is endless here. You need to carry out what somebody is given it to you on paper really well, you need to execute what they want from a performer, you need to see your lines, you to remember a lot of things, you need to remember continuity, it is not easy to be an actor. You need to be with no inhibitions about yourself, how your face is looking, what your body language is like all that stuff. So, it is not easy at all. I will probably do it again and again only if I like the crew and if I like the space, I want to be in. 
Apart from the cast and crew, the subject of Trance itself, the way the approached the subject and it was dealt with something that I have not seen on screen before. An actor putting himself in a performance that I have really not seen before on screen. It was first of its kind I thought. The whole idea itself, a motivational speaker drawn in the world of gospel speech and spiritual sort of a zone and how he is made to believe that he is real but actually he is not right and how is crumbles or how decides to face the crowd that’s been called in to believe that he is real. So, I think it was a new story idea which is was drew me also.”