'Galatta Golden Stars 2024': Yogi Babu recalls his first interaction with MS Dhoni, reveals how the CSK superstar surprised him

'Galatta Golden Stars 2024': Yogi Babu Recalls His First Interaction With MS Dhoni, Reveals How The CSK Superstar Surprised Him - Tamil Movie Cinema News
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March 29 was an eventful day for fans, who got to witness the biggest stars in Tamil cinema and entertainment lead the celebrations at the Galatta Golden Stars 2024. Among the big names who graced the event were leading Tamil comedy actor Yogi Babu who went on to be honored with the 'Best Performer Of The Year - 2023' award. Having also garnered acclaim for some of his performances in lead roles over the years, Yogi Babu received the grand accolade from actor Siddharth and reputed entrepreneur Mr. Puvi Kumar, Managing Director of Meat & Eat at the Galatta Golden Stars 2024.

Accepting the 'Best Performer Of The Year - 2023' award at Galatta Golden Stars 2024, Yogi Babu extended his gratitude to everyone for their support for him. We then see Siddharth chime in saying, "It's often said that getting the dates of Yogi Babu is quite difficult and many other things have been said about him. Actually, Yogi Babu is not one person now, but there are seven people in physical form like him. I've been told about how there are several dupes of him who attend functions like these." Siddharth then proceeds to check whether the Yogi Babu on stage is the original, with the Tamil comedy superstar then winking at him, which leads to the confirmation that it is indeed him. 

Siddharth then goes on to hail Yogi Babu as one of the most genuine actors in Tamil cinema explaining how he blends himself in serious scenes without emphasizing on the need to do comedy in the moment, but rather fulfill the responsibility given to him. Yogi Babu then extended his gratefulness to Siddharth at Galatta Golden Stars 2024 for his words of appreciation and also for being one who has always advised him to keep a check on his health, which he revealed happened during the shooting of their upcoming film, Shaitan Ka Bachcha

Yogi Babu, who has worked with leading names in Indian cinema, also got to collaborate with former Indian cricket team captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni, while sharing his experience of the time spent with the Chennai Super Kings (CSK) star. "I got to be with Dhoni sir for a whole day in Bombay and he never sent me out of his caravan even once. I don't know why, but he liked me a lot. And, I believe CSK will win the IPL this year too. I'll confirm that. It's because we're all from Madras and we should definitely support CSK. Dhoni will rise to the top once again and get us the championship", Yogi Babu said at at Galatta Golden Stars 2024. 

When queried about his first interaction with MS Dhoni, Yogi Babu revealed, "I was sitting next to Sakshi and Dhoni sir asked her to move to the other side, and asked me to come sit next to him. She then called me to sit beside Dhoni sir. After getting seated, he said, 'I tried getting into the Ranji Trophy in 1995 after I completed high school. And, you tried to get into cricket in Chennai in 1997.' That came as a big surprise to me. When I asked him how he came to know about this, he said he has watched everything." 

Watch Yogi Babu at the Galatta Golden Stars 2024 in the video below: