'Galatta Golden Stars 2024': Siddharth opens up on his marriage plans with Aditi Rao Hydari, shares about how long it took for her to accept his proposal

'Galatta Golden Stars 2024': Siddharth Opens Up On His Marriage Plans With Aditi Rao Hydari, Shares About How Long It Took For Her To Accept His Proposal - Tamil Movie Cinema News
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It was a grand evening at the Galatta Golden Stars 2024 held in Chennai on March 29 as several leading celebrities from Tamil cinema and the entertainment industry graced the star-studded event. Among the prominent names who were celebrated was leading Tamil actor Siddharth, who was honored with the 'Entertainer of the Year' award, which he received from Tamil filmmaker Sasi and Mr Eswar Rao, Founder and Managing Director of Max Gold. Complimenting Siddharth on his performance in Chithha (2023) at the Galatta Golden Stars 2024, Sasi showered his praise on the actor for his efforts and contributions to take Tamil cinema to the next stage recalling how it is a big gesture to not only act in the lead role in the film, but also serve as a producer. 

Siddharth, who recently announced his engagement to Tamil actress Aditi Rao Hydari, was also queried about his marriage plans at the Galatta Golden Stars 2024. Speaking about his engagement, the Chithha star said, "Many had told me that we had done this in secret. There's a big difference in doing something in private with family and in secret. The ones whom we didn't call are saying it's a secret, but it was a private ceremony to those whom we know. It all depends on the elders and what they have to say next because this isn't like a shooting date that I can decide on. This is a lifetime date. So, when they say it correctly, it will happen on its own." Upon being queried about how long it took for Aditi Rao to give her nod for his marriage proposal, Siddharth informed, "These questions about how much time it took shouldn't be asked. The end result must be either yes or no. I'll see whether the result is pass or fail. I've never seen how many marks I'll score. I was in tension whether it would be a yes or a no and my name was in the pass list." 

Watch Siddharth at the Galatta Golden Stars 2024 in the video below: