India and China have been engaged in a military stand-off at multiple locations along the Sino-Indian border. On June 16, 2020, it was reported that a violent clash took place between troops of the two countries near India's Patrolling Point 14 in Galwan Valley. Twenty Indian soldiers were killed in a face-off with Chinese soldiers on 15th night. The Galwan river is to the west of China's 1956 claim line and in the Indian side of the border in Aksai Chin. In 1960 China advanced its claim line to the west of the river along the mountain ridge adjoining the Shyok river valley. Meanwhile, India continued to claim the entire Aksai Chin plateau. This is the first deadly conflict between India and China in the last 45 years. According to unverified reports, around 43 Chinese soldiers have been injured in the face-off. Meanwhile, film stars and Indian players have been saluting the dead Indian soldiers via Twitter on this occasion. Here is a compilation of all their tweets: