Popular English singer and keyboardist Dave Greenfield who has been battling the viral COVID-19 infection for the past few days passed away day before yesterday. And the virus is showing no mercy on people and the number of souls affected by this deadly disease is rapidly increasing each and every day. Greenfield died on 3 May 2020, after a prolonged stay in hospital for heart problems, during which he tested positive for COVID-19. Dave was born in the south coast seaside resort of Brighton. Prior to the Stranglers, Greenfield played in local progressive rock band 'Rusty Butler'. 
His sound and style of playing, particularly on The Stranglers' debut album Rattus Norvegicus, has frequently been compared to that of Ray Manzarek of the Doors. He is also noted for his trademark style of playing rapid arpeggios. His distinctive sound on the early Stranglers recordings involved the use of Hohner Cembalet (model N), Hammond L-100 electric organ, a Minimoog synthesizer, and later an Oberheim FVS-4 polyphonic synthesizer.