In a shocking incident, actress Suchithra, known for starring in the smash hit Tamil TV serial, Deivamagal, has reportedly gone missing after planning a theft in her own house. According to reports, the actress had given instructions to her husband to execute the robbery plan they had formulated in an effort to deceive his parents. Coming from a farming family in Panruti, Suchithra's husband, Manikandan, came to Chennai a few years back in the hopes of joining the entertainment industry and began working as a driver to serial actresses. It was at this time when he had become friends with Suchithra and the two fell in love with each other after which they married in secret. 

Actress Suchithra and Manikandan had to face innumerable challenges over the past five months in Chennai as their livelihoods had taken a hit due to the coronavirus lockdown. It is said that Manikandan had then taken Suchithra to his native and introduced her to his parents, who eventually accepted her into their family despite unwillingness in the initial stages. It is being reported that Suchithra had devised a plan to rob her in-laws after she observed jewels and money in their home and managed to convince Manikandan to aid her in executing the plan. It is further being stated that the couple were planning to use the money to make a short film and promote it on YouTube as a means to earn money and gain fame. 

Suchithra is supposedly said to have initiated the plan, which is straight out of a Tamil serial plot, and had left her in-laws house stating she had some personal work in Chennai, with Manikandan following suit a few days later with the jewels and cash he had stolen before leaving his parents house. Upon noticing the missing jewels and cash, Manikandan's parents filed a complaint at the police station, with the cops quickly working out the plan Suchithra and Manikandan had hatched. As per latest reports, the police is on the lookout for Suchithra, who is said to be absconding.