The name Pangong Lake has been in the headlines very often, in the recent past. This area in the Ladakh region along the Line of Actual Control (LAC) of the India-China border, is a hotbed currently. Tensions are high in the Pangong Lake region, for this is where the armed forces of India and China clashed in June, resulting in casualties on both sides. Since then, the situation has escalated very tensely and the Indian Army & the People's Liberation Army (PLA) of China are engaged in an uneasy standoff, along the Indo-China border. There have also been further clashes between the armed forces, despite talks happening between India and China, at different levels. Both Asian countries have amassed thousands of troops and armaments including tanks & aircraft, along a 70 Km stretch, to the South of Pangong Lake!

Now, we have reports of Indian officials claiming that Chinese troops have been laying a network of fibre optic cables at a Western Himalayan flashpoint with India. Despite the high-level talks to de-escalate the tensions, it looks like the Chinese troops are preparing for a lengthy standoff. We hear that these optic fibre cables, which would provide secure channels of communication between the forward bases along the border and the more secure bases at the rear, are also being spotted in regions to the South of Pangong Lake. Reports state that despite the Foreign Minister's of both the countries meeting in Moscow and releasing a 5-point consensus, the situation along the LAC has not changed by much.

Responding to these allegations of a fibre optic network, a spokesperson for the Chinese Foreign Ministry stated that these reports are not true. Spokesman Wang Wenbin said, "As far as I know, the relevant report is not true." He also added that the communication between India and China would continue on diplomatic and military channels. Earlier, reports from Indian intelligence agencies mentioned spotting a similar optic fibre cables network, to the North of Pangong Tso Lake about a month ago. This news was confirmed by Indian experts and validated by foreign intelligence agencies also. The Chinese have been alleging that India has been building roads and air strips in the Ladakh region. Communicating through optic fibre cables is considered to be far more secure than using radio communication, which is still how Indian Military communicates, albeit on an encrypted mode. Stay tuned for updates.