Not many know who Subramaniyan Karuppaiya is? But there is not a single person in Tamil Nadu who doesn’t know his stage name Goundamani. He was called Goundamani after acting as a Gounder in one of his early day dramas and the pseudonym stuck with him forever. The legendary comedian has entertained all of us for well over 4 decades. Though he has not been active for the past 20 years, his old works take the front seat in comedy TV channels even today. He is known for his comic duo partnership in Tamil films with fellow actor Senthil. He has the ability to give counter dialogues on the spot, on-screen as well as off the screen. He has acted in over 310 films. 
Goundamani is legend most of us would wish to meet and click a photo with, the same applies to the celebrities who have not met him before. There are several film stars who are still eager to meet Goundamani. Today, former CSK and Indian national team cricketer Subramaniam Badrinath ran him during a visit to the dentist. He took to his Twitter space to share the priceless photo alongwith a classic Goundamani dialogue. “When A visit to the dentist turned out more than nice  met the legendary Tamil comedian #Goundamani ‘அரசியல்ல இதெல்லாம சாதாரணம் அப்பா ‘ #comedy #Actor #cricketer”
Indian cricketer meets Goundamani | Viral trending photo