Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Edappadi Palaniswami on Saturday held a meeting with the state cabinet and have now arrived at a decision to continue following the lockdown extended by the Ministry of Home Affairs on Friday. As per the lockdown norms, there will be no relaxations in the containment zones across the state.

Lockdown 3 what allowed in Tamil Nadu from May 4 Coronavirus

During the meeting, the state government had decided to allow the functioning of shops selling essential commodities from 6AM to 5PM in Chennai city. All restaurants, hotels and eateries in Chennai have been allowed to carry out their businesses between 6AM and 9PM with takeaway and delivery permitted. With the exception of hair salons and beauty parlors, standalone shops such as hardware stores, cement dealers, construction materials stores, sanitary ware, electrical appliances - all these businesses can keep their shutters open between 11AM and 5PM. Self-employed persons, including plumber, electrician, AC mechanic, carpenter, Home Care Providers and Home Workers, will be permitted to work after taking proper permissions with the Chennai Corporation Commissioner/District Collector.

Lockdown 3 what allowed in Tamil Nadu from May 4 Coronavirus

A general advisory has also been issued to all district officials to follow the curfew in the state and ensure social distancing with less than 5 people (Section 144) is adhered to in one place. The Tamil Nadu government has also ordered district officials to monitor sanitation-related works in all areas and also see that there is a safe working environment provided for workers as per standard operating procedures. All the existing stipulations will continue in the case of marriages and wedding-related events across Tamil Nadu. Only 20 people will be in the final procession to cemeteries and cremation grounds. Shops in rural areas and villages are permitted to remain open between 9AM and 5PM.

Lockdown 3 what allowed in Tamil Nadu from May 4 Coronavirus

Special Economic Zones (SEZs) and export companies can operate with 50 percent employees in tune with the guidelines issued by the government and circumstances obtaining therein. E-commerce for essential service can function for the hours allowed earlier. Information Technology (IT) companies can function at 50 percent with a reduced strength of 20 employees. They are allowed to commute in vehicles arranged by the companies. Textile Industries can function with 50% of work force only after the Collector's inspection in the Town Panchayat. Industries can function if they are far away from the corporation & municipal limits.

Lockdown 3 what allowed in Tamil Nadu from May 4 Coronavirus

Restrictions will remain in effect until further orders for the below:

1. Schools, colleges, training institutes, research institutes and all educational institutions.

2. Public worship and all religious gatherings at places of worship.

3. Movie theaters, amusements parks, pubs, gyms, beach, picnic spot, zoos, museums, swimming pools, sports arena, meeting places.

4. All kinds of religious, social, political, sports, entertainment, educational, cultural events, ceremonies, meetings & processions.

Transportation regulations include:

1. Public Transport - Air/Rail/Bus.

2. Taxi, Auto, Bicycle Rickshaw.

3. Metro Rail and Interstate Bus Transport.

4. Transit buses between states.

Lockdown 3 what allowed in Tamil Nadu from May 4 Coronavirus