Hrithik Roshan and Sussanne Khan announced their separation in 2013 after 13 years of marriage. After living separately for a year, the good-looking couple officially got divorced in 2014. Hrithik Roshan and Sussanne Khan's divorce hasn't affected their equation at all. As being responsible parents, they are often spotted together at social events, family dinner dates or vacationing with children together. Now Sussanne has decided to move back to Hrithik house just for the time being in order to distance themselves from their children. Hrithik Roshan has now shared a sweet message about his ex-wife. Check it out: 
“It is unimaginable for me, as a parent, to think of having to be separated from my children at a time when the country is practicing lockdowns. It is heartwarming to see the world come together as one in this time of deep uncertainty and possibility of months of social distancing and potential lockdowns for several weeks perhaps . While the world talks about humanity coming together, I think it represents more than just an idea especially for parents sharing custody of their kids. How to keep their kids close to them without infringing on the right of the other who also has an equal right to be with his/her children. 

This is a picture of dear Sussanne (my ex wife), who has graciously volunteered to temporarily move out of her home so that our children are not disconnected indefinitely from either one of us. Thank you Sussanne for being so supportive and understanding in our journey of co-parenting. Our children will tell the story we create for them. I hope and pray that in order to safeguard the health of ourselves and our loved ones, we all find our way to express love, empathy, courage, strength with an open heart ❤️.”