Circus of Books is a documentary film written and directed by Rachel Mason who has also produced the film along with Kathryn Robson, Cynthia Childs, Camilla Hall and Adam Baran. Ryan Murphy, Josh Braun, John Battsek, Rhianon Jones and Gerald Herman are the executive producers and Bob Hawk is the consulting producer.

The documentary film is about a gay porn shop named Circus of Books served as an epicentre for LGBT life and culture in Los Angeles for over 35 years. Unbeknownst to many in the community, the store is cultivated and cared for by its owners, Karen and Barry Mason, a straight couple with three children. The movie offers an intimate portrait of the Masons and their journey to become one of the biggest distributors of hardcore gay porn in the United States.

Notably, Rachel Mason is the daughter of the people who own the store Circus of Book. Rachel Mason asks the least radical people she knows her parents- how they became American's biggest distributors of gay porn. Circus of Books will be available on Netflix from April 22. Check out the trailer of Circus of Books below,

Circus of Books | Official Trailer | Netflix