Cinematographer Natarajan Subramanian, better known as Natty started his career along with Bollywood filmmaker Anurag Kashyap back in 1999 for a short film Last Train to Mahakali. He later collaborated with Anurag in films like Paanch (never released), and Black Friday. Those are Anurag’s first two feature films as a filmmaker. However, things didn’t go well between the two and they had to part ways due to some creative difference and they never worked together after that. But nobody knows what happened between them and why their paths never converged in all these years.  
''Anurag Kashyab is nothing but a fool and selfish'' - Natty''Anurag Kashyab is nothing but a fool and selfish'' - Natty ''Anurag Kashyab is nothing but a fool and selfish'' - Natty
Natty started his career as a still photographer at weddings, and then performed as a videographer at ceremonies. He briefly assisted cinematographer BR Vijayalakshmi but was unable to get a break in the film industry, so chose to work on documentaries instead, before venturing into work on commercials and music videos. He became acquainted with director Ram Gopal Varma who recommended him to Anurag Kashyap. Now both Natty and Anurag are successful in their own merit. Now Natty has taken to his Twitter space to vent out against Anurag Kashyap for no reason. His tweets read as follows: 
“Anurag kashyap was part writer of SATHYA.. than he came with paanch script with us.. I supported him with no money...Last train to mahakaali... i got nothing.. 
All work i did for him... he held all friends n every one away from his circles...Kind of work.. i did for him n Black friday.. every one worked too hard... 
Yeh anurag forgets me n talks nonsense... ask others those who involved with him... he is nothing but fool Anuragkashyab.... fool remauns fool.. I spoke about one selfish.. and only about.. Anurag kashyab..Am telling the truth.. no one wants to hear.. n listen.. what to do????From the bottom of my heart.. i said the truth...”