'Bigg Boss Tamil season 7': Kamal Haasan asks a strong question to Nixen after his nasty fight with Archana, new promo hints at a big outcome

'Bigg Boss Tamil Season 7': Kamal Haasan Asks A Strong Question To Nixen After His Nasty Fight With Archana, New Promo Hints At A Big Outcome - Tamil Movie Cinema News
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The battle is getting bigger by the day in Bigg Boss Tamil season 7 as we witnessed a big fight between Nixen and Archana Ravichandran earlier this week. With the upcoming weekend episode expected to reveal the next contestant to get evicted, a new promo for the hit Tamil reality show has been released by Vijay Television showing host Kamal Haasan reviewing the drama that took place over the week. In the latest Bigg Boss Tamil 7 promo, we see Kamal Haasan questioning Nixen for his statements against Archana, while also warning him sternly by showing a Strike card. 

The new Bigg Boss Tamil season 7 promo starts with Kamal Haasan addressing the statements made by Nixen during his altercation with Archana Ravichandran. He questions Nixen about how he will strike Archana and asks him the method of his offensive. Kamal Haasan ends his query by recreating the iconic 'eye shot' in the opening scene from Vettaiyaadu Vilaiyaadu (2006) leading to a big reaction from Archana and the other Bigg Boss Tamil 7 housemates. We also see Kamal Haasan press the question to Nixen asking him to explain the basis of his statements against Archana before showing the Strike card as a form of warning, with fans on social media anticipating his eviction from the show up ahead. 

The upcoming weekend episode of Bigg Boss Tamil 7 is expected to be loaded with plenty of drama as fans are looking forward to witnessing the outcome of the conflict between Archana and Nixen. The clash between the two shot up after Nixen and Vishnu had engaged in a discussion over a task leading to a heated argument. The atmosphere soon after intensified into a nasty fight after Archana joined the conversation, with Nixen's words against her taking centre stage. Watch the new Bigg Boss Tamil season 7 promo below: