Bigg Boss Tamil season 4 came to a spectacular finish last month, with actor Aari Arujunan being crowned as the title winner. Hosted by actor-politician Kamal Haasan, the recently-concluded edition, which saw Balaji Murugadoss, Rio Raj, Ramya Pandian and Som Shekar being declared as the runners up and becoming household names across Tamil Nadu, also witnessed another already popular celebrity's fame shoot up overnight. VJ Archana Chandhoke, who entered as one among the two wildcard entrants on the show, went on to become one of the most debated contestants during her 66-day stay in the Bigg Boss 4 house. 

Archana's actions on Bigg Boss Tamil 4 won her a huge following, with the star also set to be playing an important role in Sivakarthikeyan's upcoming film, Doctor. During her stint on Bigg Boss 4, Archana had during one of the episodes revealed to the housemates that her younger sister Anitha is pregnant, which she told was a news that gave her a lot of happiness in the past few years in her life. In that light, a baby shower function for Anitha was held on Wednesday, with Archana overseeing the proceedings. The happy occasion saw a number of the Bigg Boss Tamil season 4 contestants come together one more time, with pictures and videos of the ceremony going viral on social media. 

Among the Bigg Boss contestants who attended Archana's sister Anitha's baby shower ceremony were Aranthangi Nisha, Jithan Ramesh, Gabriella Charlton, Aari, Som Shekar, Anitha Sampath and her husband, including Rekha Harris. Suresh Chakravarthy, fondly called by fans as Suresh Thatha, too had blessed the mother-to-be and posted pictures of the Bigg Boss gang, with the stars then taking to the dance floor to celebrate. Archana's daughter Zaara, who herself has garnered a big fan following on social media, too was seen at the celebrations. 

Check out the baby shower pics, including the celebration video below: