Popular Malayalam actress Arya Rohit, who has made appearances in Mohanlal's Lailaa O Lailaa, Jayasurya's Punyalan Private Limited and Mammootty's Ganagandharvan to name a notable few, is known among fans for being vocal on social media about her personal life. Having spoken about her love for her daughter Roya and also about her relationships in the past, Arya, who first started out as an anchor on television, also appeared as one of the contestants on Bigg Boss Malayalam season 2 in 2020. Arya, who recently turned 30, posted an emotional note about fighting heartbreak last year, while also sharing photos from her cake cutting celebration with her family and friends. 

Taking to Instagram, Arya posted a detailed note, which is as follows: 

Arya wrote, "Last year on this very same day I was going through a very bad phase of my life.. I never knew depression could hit me so badly. The kind of emotions I was going through is way too hard to even explain. Locked up in an apartment in UAE all alone, to get through the rest of the day, I had no other choice but to depend on a bottle of wine and some leftover food to survive the day… But yes I was thrown aboard, my situation went bad, I might have done something bad also. But somehow I survived. Thanks to that person who sensed something wrong by evening and decided to come to me. So this was my last birthday, the day I turned 30 yrs old!!! But today when I look back , it would have been so different if I had made the right choice. I could have been with my beautiful daughter and my wonderful family and friends and could have had the happiest birthday but then NO. I was stupid enough to travel all the way to UAE and spend my birthday with someone who was least interested in me anymore. It was my bloody mistake that I made the wrong choice. Nobody to blame that for."

Stating that she has moved on, Arya added, "Look at me today. I turned 31 today and I have the most amazing smile on my face and my heart is filled with so much of love, peace and gratitude. It’s ok to have few toxic people in your life at least at some point coz then only you will realize who the real ones are. I mean the ones who genuinely love you , care for you. All I am trying to say is.. it’s all in your hands…. Whether to be happy or to destroy your inner peace… it’s all in your hands . Choice is yours … whether to be happy or to break your own heart. Always remember… your happiness is in your hands… keep reminding yourself to choose wisely always. Choose the people who love you unconditionally and who always are there with you. I am so so so happy today… my 31 st birthday was undoubtedly the best one I could ever have… Even though I missed a few of my people I am overwhelmed and happy and most importantly at peace…. A huge thank you and loads of love to my darling family .. friends like family for always always always being there and for being my reason for happiness. Thank you." 


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