Seven contestants have been nominated for this week's eviction process in the fourth season of Bigg Boss Tamil and it includes Aari, Sanam Shetty, Anitha Sampath, Ramya Pandian, Aajeedh, Shivani Narayanan, and Aranthangi Nisha. Among the seven, one can comfortably say that Ramya and Aari will be saved as both of them have good support and a strong fan base on social media. Among the rest of the five, we will have to see who gets evicted and the result will be officially known only on Sunday's episode. Having said that, Anitha Sampath's husband's cryptic post created a big confusion among the fans. Anitha's husband, Prabha Garan posted an image on his Insta story and that image depicted love through cute animations.

The image also had a calendar that was dated, '6' and had a text that read, "Can't wait to see you...". This created a confusion among the fans since the 6th of December happens to be Sunday, the day of eviction (telecast). This paved way for rumours that Anitha is most likely to be evicted this weekend. However, in a few minutes, Prabha posted another story and clarified about the image. His clarification statement read, "Makka na just anitha miss panrenu poten... Elimination ah nu ippa theriyadhu... so tension aavadheenga".

His post is loosely translated as, "Hey people, I just intended to mention that I miss Anitha. We will not know about the eviction, as of now. So, don't get tensed". Is Prabha predicting that his wife will be out this week? Well, let us keep our fingers crossed and wait for the official results. Anitha has always expressed her love for her husband Prabha and has also shed tears for him during several instances. Anitha and Prabha share a beautiful relationship and their love for each other is seen through these instances.

Meanwhile, Anitha is being appreciated by the fans and netizens for handling the 'Call Centre' task really well. She did not have any intention to save anyone and made her points very clear while talking to Rio. While a few people felt that Rio was not given the opportunity to explain his side, majority felt that Anitha was one of the fewer contestants who used the task properly to the fullest. For now, check out the screenshots of Prabhagaran's post about Anitha Sampath here: