Last night's (December 3) episode of Bigg Boss 4 Tamil created a big buzz on social media because of a visual that featured Balaji Murugadoss slapping himself with his slipper. Balaji's act was unexpected and it created controversy among on social media. The housemates were requested to rank themselves from 1 to 13 based on their performance in the Call Centre task. Initially, Sanam Shetty, Aari and Archana placed their points for the first rank. However, Aari was decided as the No.1 with majority votes. The confusion and problem started when Sanam Shetty felt that she deserves to be ranked as the second. Sanam had only one opportunity, as a caller in the Call Centre and did not receive any call since Samyuktha was evicted from the house, last week.

Due to this, Sanam had only one phone conversation and other housemates felt that it would not be fair for others if Sanam is ranked second. The justifications and opinions turned out to be arguments and the situation went out of control. Balaji and Sanam, who do not have a good rapport, ever since the beginning, once again locked horns during this task and it ended up in an unfortunate manner. Balaji, who was pissed with Sanam's behaviour, told that talking to Sanam is equal to hitting himself with a slipper. The words translated into action, as well.

A moment of silence was seen among the housemates who did not see this coming. Ramya Pandian and Aari tried to talk to Balaji, but he did not respond to them. Sanam felt that Balaji's action was too extreme and demanded an apology from Balaji, but he made it clear that he wouldn't do so. This action from Balaji created an outrage on social media and the netizens expressed that Kamal Haasan should definitely condemn Balaji's actions in the weekend episode. Let us wait for the weekend episodes to see if Kamal Haasan addresses this issue.

Suresh Chakravarthy, who got evicted a few weeks back, took to his Twitter page to share his comment about the Balaji slipper controversy. Suresh tweeted, "Mudalil Aarikku seruppu aduthadhu Sanathirkku Seruppu. Seruppuku BByil serappu serkiringalo?". Suresh's tweet has gone viral among the fans who follow the show regularly. Check out Suresh Chakravarthy's tweet below: