As we all know, Meera Mitun’s controversial videos talking negatively about Thalapathy Vijay and Suriya and their families has not gone well with the majority. The video has earned the wrath of the fans who have demanded an apology from Meera Mitun. Quite a few people have also stated that Meera is doing this for publicity and nothing else. The issue has created a buzz on social media. Having said that, veteran director Bharathiraja has now issued an official statement condemning Meera Mitun’s behaviour. Bharathiraja sounded very angry about Meera’s path to attain fame.

Bharathiraja’s official statement read, “The incidents that have been happening in the last few days is shocking. This recent culture of defaming and talking negatively about someone's personal life in order to attain publicity is very dangerous and worrying. Our dear brothers Vijay and Suriya have come to this stage after a lot of struggle and hard work. Both of them are leading a dignified life and are in a respectable position in the society. A woman named Meera Mitun has crossed her limits with her bad behaviour. As a senior member of this industry, I am responsible to condemn this issue.

This little girl, who is trying to gain popularity, should stop talking negatively about people. Members from the film industry will not maintain silence if she does not stop with this. I strongly condemn what she spoke so far. Suriya is providing education to so many poor students out there. Vijay is also helping the needy on the grounds of humanity. What Meera Mitun talked about them and their families is definitely not acceptable.

Meera has a life to be lived. Let her try, work hard and get what she deserves. There are many ways to live our life, but this is not the way. It is shocking to see that no unions or associations have reacted to this issue. I request social media forums to regulate their rules and control abusive videos like these. I am also noticing the abusive language used by the fans of leading actors and it is very disheartening. An actor should at least issue a statement and control the use of foul language of the fans."

Bharathiraja is one of the first in the industry to react to this ongoing controversy and the fans have extended their support to the legendary director. Check out Bharathiraja's statement below: