Netflix has revealed the new heist team of Berlin, a Money Heist spin-off. After the massive success of Money Heist, additions to the series had been teased by producers for a while. In November 2021 a trailer was released just before the final installment of Money Heist for a prequel series called Berlin. The new show will follow the Money Heist character Berlin, also known as Andres de Fonollosa in  the show.

In Netflix's newest Berlin trailer, character introductions for the cast of the new heist crew are made. The group of six features the return of Berlin, as well as new characters Keila, Cameron, Roi, Damian, and Bruce. The shots of the different characters give insight into their personalities, as well as what their future roles in the crew may be. The video is captioned 'mixing love and heists isn't always a bad idea', implying that viewers might be seeing a romance between Berlin and the new characters. 

The crew themselves all seem to have distinct personalities, from the peppy Keila to the more somber Roi. This trailer confirms that fans should expect plenty more heists in Berlin with this new group, possibly with Berlin as the mastermind instead of The Professor. As the series takes place before Money Heist, it is likely that The Professor may return as he is Berlin's brother. The show may delve into their relationship and what lead up to the events in Money Heist.

As the show is following Berlin in his younger years, fans should expect more background on this character. While season 5 of the series focused on his backstory, many details including the heists he committed and the loves he had were not explored in greater detail. This show would be a great catalyst to show events like these referenced in Money Heist. With Berlin releasing in 2023, more trailers should be out soon that provide more information on the show's plot.

Check out the trailer here: