The third installment of the BA Pass franchise is all set for release and the fans are eagerly looking forward to it. The first part of BA Pass was directed by Ajay Bahl and it featured Shilpa Shukla, Shadab Kamal, and in the lead roles. BA Pass was a neo noir erotic drama which earned critical acclaim. The third installment of BA Pass will also be a erotic drama and the core essence is expected to be retained. However, the cast is different and in this new film, we have Sunny Sachdeva, Ankita Chouhan, and Armaan Sandhu in the lead roles. Ankita Sahu, Arjun Fauzdar, Namish Anand, Amanda Bhogal and Yash Gulati play supporting roles.

The producer of BA Pass, Narendra Singh, has directed this third part. BA Pass 3 is all set for release on May 1 and it will have a direct OTT release, skipping the theatrical release. Narendra Singh has launched his own OTT streaming platform called Filmybox and BA Pass 3 will release on the said platform on May 1. Ahead of the release, the makers have released the trailer of the film which looks interesting. The trailer introduces us to the main characters of the film and shows us a glimpse of the film's core premise and its conflicts. There is a good amount of drama in the trailer and it is neatly packed. Being an erotic drama, we get to see some intimate visuals, as well.

The trailer has gone viral among the fans already. BA Pass 3 will take the audience through the life of a jobless youth which turns upside down after he meets a married woman and engages in an affair with her. Talking about the film, director Narendra Singh says, "I am super thriller on the launch of Filmybox app and celebration doubles up as BA Pass 3 would be the first film to stream on it. I am glad that this pandemic has pushed me to go digital as audiences are excessively consuming digital content on OTT. We have lined up 30 original movies and 10 web series across all genres to be released in the year 2021. The content will be available in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, and Bengali, and will include more languages in the future,".

For now, check out the newly released trailer of BA Pass 3 starring Sunny Sachdeva and Ankita Chouhan here: