'Ayalaan': Suriya heaps praise on Sivakarthikeyan film's VFX team, says "Amazing output won all our hearts"

'Ayalaan': Suriya Heaps Praise On Sivakarthikeyan Film's VFX Team, Says
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National Award-winning Tamil actor Suriya heaped praise on the VFX team behind Sivakarthikeyan's latest film, Ayalaan, directed by R. Ravikumar featuring music composed by A. R. Rahman. Congratulating the team for their top-notch work, the Jai Bhim star informed that the output witnessed on the big screen has won hearts and shows their spirit to come out on top. Suriya, who sent a flower bouquet to Ayalaan's VFX team, wrote in an appreciation letter, "Loved the work done by all at Phantom! Shows your passion to excel! Amazing output won all our hearts!" (sic)

Posting photos of the special gift sent to the Ayalaan's visual effects team, the VFX supervisor of the Sivakarthikeyan-starrer, Bejoy Arputharaj, penned a detailed statement on X thanking Suriya for his thoughtful gesture and extended his hearty wishes for the release of his next big film, Kanguva. Bejoy wrote, "The @phantomfx_india team is truly elated to share the overwhelming appreciation we received from the esteemed actor @Suriya_offl for our VFX work in the movie "Ayalaan." Suriya sirs personal call expressing his admiration was not only a delightful surprise but also a testament to his keen eye for exceptional craftsmanship." 

Bejoy, who spoke with Suriya over the phone, also thanked the Soorarai Pottru actor for his gesture by saying, "Following the call, we were honored to receive a heartfelt appreciation letter and a stunning flower bouquet from him reflecting his humility. His gesture goes beyond the ordinary, and we are genuinely touched by his warmth action." The Ayalaan VFX supervisor further stated, "We extend our sincere thanks to Suriya sir for recognizing our efforts and making us feel appreciated in such a thoughtful manner. Such gestures foster a positive and collaborative spirit within the film fraternity, showcasing the power of mutual appreciation."

Bejoy concluded his statement by saying that Suriya's latest gesture emphasizes on the support for each other in the film and visual effects industry, while wishing him for a grand success on his Kanguva. He wrote, "In celebrating his commendable gesture, we are reminded of the beauty of acknowledging and supporting one another in the industry. It is these acts of kindness that create a sense of unity and elevate the entire cinematic experience. It's the subtleties of acknowledgment that make a lasting impact, and we are fortunate to have received such encouragement from a respected colleague like actor Surya. We wish him all success with his upcoming feature @KanguvaTheMovie" (sic)