Arun Vijay recalls a fun incident about how he confronted his sister's husband before their marriage, says "We went there to create a scene" (VIDEO)

Arun Vijay Recalls A Fun Incident About How He Confronted His Sister's Husband Before Their Marriage, Says
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Leading Tamil actor Arun Vijay's new film, Mission: Chapter 1 – Achcham Enbadhu Illaiye, directed by A. L. Vijay is out in theatres now and has been getting a strong good feedback from audiences. The Thadam star shares screen space with Amy Jackson and Nimisha Sajayan in the action thriller film directed by blockbuster filmmaker A. L. Vijay. In light of the release of Mission: Chapter 1, Galatta Media recently organized a special fans festival for Arun Vijay, which saw the actor's family members grace the occasion among whom also included his father Vijayakumar and his sisters Kavitha and Sridevi

Arun Vijay recalled a couple of incidents about his family at the grand event and said, "My doctor sister Anitha's marriage was a love marriage. He was in the final year of his studies and my sister was doing her second year. One day she she said, 'There's a person who comes in a jeep and keeps troubling me.' Hearing this, me and my cousins took our vehicle and went in to see who he was." He continued, "We went there to create a scene that her brothers have come to see him. Later, they both got married. Since then, he has recalled that incident and keeps telling us that all us boys went in and created a scene. When I think about it now, it leaves me in splits because she's ultimately married to him."

Speaking about how his sister Anitha's relationship later came to be known to the family, Arun Vijay said, "She didn't tell anyone, but got caught red-handed. She was eating in a restaurant with him and my cousin saw them. After seeing them together, he caught hold of her hand and told her not to leave the place and called me immediately." He further stated, "Similar to my father in his films, I took my red jeep and went there at full speed and there was a big scene at the lobby. But, he was extremely calm and asked us what the fuss was about and told that they were only having a meal together. But, my sister (Kavitha) was tough and dragged Anitha into our vehicle. Now, when we see them in person, we feel ashamed to have done that."

Watch Arun Vijay share memorable family moments in the video below: