The spread of coronavirus is getting intense and severe with every passing day and the Government/medical officials are doing their best to control the situation. The entire country is on a lockdown and people have been requested to stay indoors and maintain social distancing. This panic situation has instilled a sense of fear and fright among the people who are deeply affected mentally. Being put in a situation to be at the same place for three weeks in straight might turn out to be a boring affair to many. However, people are expected to follow it since it is the need of the hour. On that note, music director A.R.Rahman has shared a few words of positivity in this testing time.

ar rahman

He told his followers that everything will be alright soon and asked everyone to be positive and energetic. While his tweet went viral, a section of fans also requested the musical legend to perform some songs in a live session during this quarantine time. Will Rahman fulfill the wishes of his fans? Well, we will have to wait for some more time to know. Check out his tweet below: