The hospital management and SPB’s son, Charan have been regularly sharing updates, on a daily basis. Having said that, MGM Healthcare Centre, the hospital in which SP Balasubrahmanyam has been admitted has shared a new update on SPB’s health. The statement reads as follows: “Thiru S P Balasubrahmanyam who had been admitted due to COVID-19 at MGM Healthcare continues to be on Ventilator and ECM() support in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU). His current clinical condition is stable. He is fully awake, responsive and actively participates in physiotherapy. He continues to be closely monitored by our multidisciplinary clinical team. Dr. Anuradha Baskaran Assistant Director - Medical Services MGM Healthcare.” SPB Charan’s last update about his father’s health was day before yesterday when he said “Slow & Steady progress since yesterday. Thank you all. Nothing new to report yet. Thank you all again.” For the past few days, we have been hearing that he is recovering on a steady note which is heartening. Charan, in one of his earlier videos had said that SPB will take quite some time to recover completely and be back to normal and we wish that the veteran singer stays strong and confident through this journey. SP Balasubrahmanyam is currently being given physiotherapy treatment and he is said to be responding well to that. 
The much-celebrated Veteran singer has apparently started writing to communicate with the doctors, family and also fans. He recently wrote a sweet message to his numerous fans who are praying for his speedy recovery. The singer had written small thank you note to his fans which reads - “Love you all.” SP Balasubrahmanyam is getting treated at MGM Healthcare Hospital in Chennai and is in the process of recovering from Corona. SPB was admitted to the hospital on August 5 after getting infected by the novel virus. Talking to the fans, SPB had said that he had mild symptoms of Corona as he was suffering from cold. However, his health condition deteriorated in the next few days and it came as a worrying piece of information for the singer’s fans across the country. All the leading actors, directors, producers, music directors, and technicians from the industry, along with the fans, had a mass prayer from their respective homes to pray for the recovery of SPB.