Australian car racer Renee Gracie had shocked and surprised many around the world a few months back when she announced that she had decided to quit racing and instead switch professions to become an adult actress. The 25-year-old has now become a subject of big debate after a tattoo of Buddha on her thigh has courted controversy with many of her fans and followers. One commenter from India had posed a query asking her, "Do u know about lord Buddha who is he ? On your left thigh . You have no right to insult lord Buddha"


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Responding to the question, Renee Gracie replied saying, "I'm not religious. I don’t believe in anything. It’s got nothing to do with religion and what I believe in. I just like how it looked. If you don’t like it that’s not my issue. You know where the unfollow is. Don’t bring your religious beliefs to my page. It’s your issue not mine keep it to yourself."

This isn't the first occasion Renee has been involved in a controversy and that too among Indians after she earlier posted in June this year saying, "To all you Indian a**holes on my page. Stop stealing my images. They are copyrighted and I own them not you..Stop making pages of me and stop sharing my videos and images illegally." She then added stating, "If you are Indian, get off my page. You are not welcome here any more." 

Upon her news of changing careers from racing to pornography receiving a huge response in India, Renee Gracie added, "Ever since my story went viral in India, there has been so many videos and fake profiles made and images stolen illegally from my Onlyfans account. I will be removing all Indians from my page tonight." The popular star had arrived at the decision after she alleged that Indian users were downloading her nude photos for free, which in turn were fetching her around $3,000 every week on the paysite OnlyFans. 

Ever since the transition from racing to becoming an adult actress, Renee has stated that it has been the best decision of her life during an interview, while also adding that she had done so in order to earn more money. She said, "I wasn't getting the results and couldn't get the funding. I tried to do my best but it got to a point where my dream vanished. It has been the best thing I have done in my whole life. It has put me in a financial position I could never have dreamt of and I really enjoy it. I am fine with whatever they want to call me. I am earning good money and I am comfortable with where I am at."