Earlier this year, almost all the countries of the world went into a total lockdown, to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 Novel Corona Virus Pandemic! However, once it became inevitable that the Virus cannot be contained but the economies were crashing and people could no longer continue to remain under lockdown, the governments decided to roll back the lockdown restrictions, step-by-step! Most restrictions have been lifted and normalcy has almost returned but with still some mandatory precautions and a few restrictions still in place. Some countries are still finding the Corona Virus to be at its peak, despite all the preventive measures. However, Israel has now become the first country in the world to announce a second lockdown to prevent the spread of the Corona Virus!

The Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu recently announced that a nation-wide lockdown will be imposed, following a sudden surge in Corona Virus cases. Schools, hotels, restaurants will be shut down from Friday, which also marks the start of the Jewish High Holiday season. There will be restrictions on movement and many other businesses will also be shut down, under this lockdown, which is expected to be announced for a period of three weeks! In a nationally broadcast statement, Benjamin Netanyahu said, "Our goal is to stop the increase (in cases) and lower morbidity. I know that these steps come at a difficult price for all of us. This is not the holiday we are used to." This would mark the second lockdown in Israel, after it underwent a lengthy lockdown earlier in the spring season.

Though the earlier lockdown helped majorly in bringing down the COVID infection rate, it damaged the economy very badly and Israel was forced to relax the lockdown to help the economy! Officials in the know, state that following 3 weeks of this second lockdown, the government might announce relaxations based on how the numbers come down. Israelis celebrate the festival of Yom Kippur with large family gatherings and visiting the synagogues in huge numbers, which the officials fear might bring about huge surges in the COVID numbers. One of the most deliberated points during the discussions for the second lockdown was how the prayers would happen during the festival season. Israel has so far recorded over 150,000 cases of COVID with the death toll being higher than 1,100! Now, the country which has a population of around 9 million, is recording over 4,000 new cases of the Corona Virus daily. Opposition parties in Israel blame Netanyahu and his party for rolling back the earlier lockdown early, leading to the surge in COVID cases.