The Central Government had imposed a nation-wide lockdown from March 25th till April 14th, in the wake of the COVID-19 Novel Corona Virus Pandemic Outbreak! However, with the Virus spread remaining unchecked, the second phase of the lockdown was also imposed from April 15th till May 3rd and with the numbers still not going down, India is in its third phase of the lockdown from May 4th and it will be in effect till May 17th! However, the Central Government had announced a few relaxations and allowed liquor shops to be opened, at the States' discretion and a few states have allowed their liquor stores to be opened, from today! This has caused major crowds to form outside them and we have been seeing social media being flooded with photos and videos of crowds gathering outside liquor shops!

Opening of Liquor shops cause crowding in TN AP border Nagari

The TASMAC liquor stores of Tamil Nadu are however still closed and the people along the borders are flocking towards the neighbouring state shops, to stock up on their choice of spirits. However, there are a couple of shocking videos where people have been crowding and flouting social distancing norms in their eagerness to get their alcoholic drinks. Some videos from the Tamil Nadu - Andhra Pradesh border town of Nagari in Chithoor district, are seriously disturbing. Hundreds of people have been crowding and fighting to get to liquor shops in Andhra Pradesh, which are now open. There seems to be a total disregard for any health safety or precautions mentioned by the authorities and some Policemen are seen trying to control the crowd, unsuccessfully. This does not bode well and there could be a major spurt in the COVID-19 cases, due to these huge crowds. 

Galatta Media urges all our readers, viewers and subscribers to follow all the government mandated guidelines and stay safe at home! Break the chain and flatten the curve!

Check out the crowds here: