Dhruv Vikram made his silver screen debut with Adithya Varma, the Tamil remake of Vijay Deverakonda’s Arjun Reddy and it marked the stylish arrival of a young star. When we look back, Arjun Reddy was initially remade as Varmaa with acclaimed director Bala helming the project. However, the production house, E4 Entertainment made a shocking announcement that the film will be entirely scrapped and be shot once again with a completely fresh cast and crew as they weren’t satisfied with the final output given by Bala.


As a result, we witnessed Adithya Varma, which was made under the supervision of Chiyaan Vikram. A few weeks after the theatrical release of Adithya Varma, rumours were rife on social media that Bala’s Varmaa will be released on Netflix. The rumours were speculated by a wide section of audience, but the production house never made an official statement on the same. Following that, it looks like Bala’s Varmaa has now been censored by the Singapore Censor officials and the images of the censor copy are doing rounds on social media.


According to the Singapore censor norms, the film has been given a NC 16 (No Children below 16) certificate. This news has taken over the buzz on social media and people are waiting to know if the producers are planning to release Bala’s version of Varmaa as well. Ever since the release of the pictures of the Singapore censor, it has made Tamil cinema fans very curious. Bala’s version of Varmaa has a runtime of 1 hour and 54 minutes.

varmaa censor

If Varmaa gets a theatrical release worldwide, then we would be witnessing something that has never happened in Indian cinema. Find the censor copy images of Varmaa below: