AR Rahman in the recent past has been working only in commercial films, so his potential hasn’t been explored much. 99 Songs, a film that’s made under his own production YM Movies is nearing release and our ‘Isai Puyal’ has already released all the tracks from the album. Since the film has so much of importance for music, Rahman has given a unique treatment to all the tracks in the album. ‘Oracle,’ ‘Teri Nazir’ and ‘Jwalamukhi’ are some of the popular numbers from 99 Songs, and almost all the songs have been received well by the critics.  
99 Songs will also be released in Tamil and Telugu. AR Rahman has been working on the soundtracks for other languages as well. He had already released a few sneak peeks of what the Tamil and Telugu audience can expect from 99 Songs. His South Indian fans have ever since been waiting to listen to the regional versions of 99 songs. AR Rahman has now shared a couple of tweets for those people who are waiting to listen to the Tamil and Telugu versions of 99 songs - “Thank you for your kind wishes ..EPI ..eagerly waiting for the release of Tamil and Telugu #99songs soundtrack albums. Lyricist Kapilan has written that song (Teri Nazr) really well very different from the Hindi version!”