The recently concluded United States Presidential elections, were very closely contested and though some very few sections, including the sitting President Donald Trump, refuse to accept it, Joe Biden has been declared the winner and the next President of the USA! He has even addressed the public, accepting the victory and thanking everybody for it. This victory has created a number of milestones in due course! Joe Biden's running mate Kamala Harris, who contested for the post of Vice President, will become the first woman to become the VP of the USA. She will also be the first Indian-American and woman of colour to ascend to the prestigious post of the Vice President of America! 

Also, Joe Biden has become the oldest President of the USA and will be assuming office, 48 years after entering politics and being elected as a Senator. Kamala Harris being chosen as Biden's running mate set off quite a frenzy in India, especially a specific region of Tamil Nadu, as she is of mixed Indian and Jamaican heritage. Kamala's grandfather hailed from the town of Mannargudi in Tamil Nadu and now, the entire town has been rejoicing her victory. Earlier, many special prayers were also conducted in various temples, across Tamil Nadu, to get divine support for Kamala Harris to succeed in the elections! Now, it looks like Chennai will also get a representation at the swearing in ceremony of the next President & Vice-President of America!

Kamala Harris's aunt - Dr. Sarala Gopalan, who resides in Chennai, has expressed hope that she might be attending the upcoming swearing in ceremony! Dr. Sarala is a senior consultant at the Voluntary Health Services here and she has been extremely jubilant with her niece Kamala's victory! Talking to the media, Dr. Sarala also mentioned, "We always knew Kamala was going to win (but) I am yet to speak to her." Kamala Harris was San Francisco's first female District Attorney and was also California's first woman of colour to be elected as an Attorney General. Initially, Kamala Harris contested against Joe Biden to obtain the Democratic Party's candidature for the Presidency. Despite some acrimonious exchanges in the Preliminaries, Biden respected Kamala's tenacity and skills and named her as his running mate. There are many people in India, who feel that Kamala Harris's victory has made them proud.