The strict lockdown guidelines that were in place when the nation-wide lockdown began, have been relaxed and most places across the country have almost returned to normalcy or close to normalcy! However, some places have been seeing a sharp rise in the number of COVID-19 Novel Corona Virus cases and Tamil Nadu is one of them, ranking second on the list of states with the most Corona infections in India. In TN, four districts - Chennai, Chengalpattu, Kancheepuram and Tiruvallur are the most affected districts with the State government still following almost all the lockdown restrictions in these places. However, the people have been lax with regards to the rules and there has been a lot of commuting between Chennai and Chengalpattu, which are neighbouring districts!

Epass checking intensified in Chennai Chengalpattu border

Recently, there was a rumour going around that the TN government would be imposing a strict lockdown with absolute people curfew in these most affected 4 districts of the state. This lead to a lot of people wanting to travel out of Chennai, before the said lockdown was imposed. This has also lead to a lot of vehicles crossing the Chennai-Chengalpattu border. In a bid to avoid this and risk the spread of further infection, the Police have intensified vehicle checks on the border. The Chengalpattu region Police are stopping and checking all vehicles which approach the border and only those carrying the authorised e-pass are being permitted to travel further. A Policeman revealed that they had turned back around 5000 vehicles of people not having the e-pass, from today (12/06/2020) morning itself!