Eleonora Lele Pons Maronese is an American internet celebrity, YouTuber, actress, singer, dancer and model. Pons came to prominence on Vine before the platform shut down in 2016. She has since branched out, creating comedy sketches for YouTube, where she now has over 16 million subscribers, and 38.6 million followers on Instagram. She has acted in film, television and in music videos, has released her own music, and co-authored a novel in 2016.

Lele Pons who attempted a Tik Tok video slipped and fell through a glass door, this video has been trending viral online. Lele Pons took to social media on Tuesday to share a video of herself falling through a glass door in the middle of her TikTok routine. The 13-second clip showed Lele Pons crashing through a glass door. Check it out: