New coronavirus cases in Spain drop to lowest in over 2 weeks, the country has been under lockdown since March 14. During this crisis, a team of dynamic young talents have joined hands to do a sitcom about COVID-19. Apparently, the show intends only to create hope among viewers and not to make a mockery of the situation. The show will be recorded by actors on their phone using microphones and tripods. The footage will then be sent to the producer for editing who trims the final product. The sitcom has been titled Quarantine Diaries.  
The Quarantine Diaries, written by Alvaro Fernandez Armero and David Marques, was producer Alvaro Longoria's idea. "The spirit behind the series is two-fold; to try to help by doing a series in a different way and by helping people by making them laugh. We want to help by doing what we do best," Longoria, who produced the 2018 film Everybody Knows with Javier Bardem and Penelope Cruz, told Al Jazeera. The trailer of this sit com along with its release date will be announced very soon.