Ajith’s Mankatha is a very special film for the fans and it was nothing short of celebration. The film was directed by Venkat Prabhu who made sure there were enough moments for the fans to be entertained and it was a fun commercial entertainer. Yuvan Shankar Raja’s powerful music and Venkat Prabhu’s super engaging screenplay made Mankatha a memorable outing for Ajith. Ever since the success of the film, the fans have been eagerly waiting to know if Mankatha 2 will happen with Ajith. Likewise, even Thalapathy Vijay fans are waiting to see their favourite working with Venkat Prabhu for a film. Venkat Prabhu is known for reusing the characters from old films in his new movies like how he made Manmadhan Simbu act in Goa and Engeyum Eppothum Jai character in his film Maass. When we asked (recent Galatta interview) if he would make Mankatha Ajith meet with Vijay in a film, he instantly liked that idea and said it would be nice if Vinayak Mahavadev meets Jagdish in a movie. He also added that he is willing to a write a script based on that if the stars are ready to work together. He is what Venkat Prabhu has to say:  
“I really like to bring characters from other films into mine, we have a cinematic world like how Hollywood has Marvel world, Avengers world, Batman has Gotham City. Similarly, Tamil films have a world like that. We are making films with fictional characters; we have a world similar to the Hollywood. That’s how I think about using characters from other Tamil films into mine. So, whenever, a character fits well to the story that I am making, I make use of it. It works like a charm sometimes, when it doesn’t suit the story, I wouldn’t use them. Both Simbu’s Manmadhan character used in Goa and Jai’s Engeyum Eppothum character used in Massu weren’t forced, they suited the film so beautifully. But I am really fond in doing things like this. Even, I want to create a universe based on my film characters. To make a film bringing all the characters in my films together. I get such strange ideas now and then. I think this is a healthy trend which helps us grow our ideas.”  
So, when our anchor asked Venkat Prabhu if he was to make a cop film with Vijay, will Ajith’s Mankatha character be involved in the film? Venkat Prabhu laughs and replies - “The idea looks very nice to listen, we can probably bring AR Murugadoss sir’s character Jagdish (Thuppakki) and make him meet my character. Vinayak Mahadev meets Jadish, how would that be? There is plenty of scope to make movies on already made film characters but even the stars involved must be ready to work in such a film. Maybe, we can do a lot of ideas and keep it ready.