Vanitha Vijayakumar got married to Peter Paul in June 2020 and the wedding created a huge buzz on social media. The people of Tamil Nadu know what followed after the marriage and let us not get into that. Recently, there were various speculations that Vanitha and Peter Paul separated due to difference of opinions and arguments. This news garnered a lot of attention among the netizens. Producer Ravindar Chandrasekharan of Libra Productions had posted on his Facebook page that Peter Paul is not staying with Vanitha anymore. However, there was no official clarity regarding the issue. After maintaining silence for sometime, Vanitha has now finally opened up about the issue.

She posted a series of tweets explaining her situation and she sounded hopeful and positive about things getting better in the coming days. However, she did not divulge more into the issue as she wants to focus on the positives and get back to normalcy soon. Vanitha’s series of tweets read, “To those who think I broke a home..I made a home with someone who didn't have a home and family for many years..he was in pain and so was I..we loved laughed and lived thru the worst times beginning from covid pandemic to the media circus which was purposely created around us. I believed nothing could break came a health scare where I was terrified and shattered that I was going to lose him 2 times within a was the worst pain and feeling.. I was so grateful to god to be able to bring him back home alive twice ...especially this year.

Life changes after ur loved one is sick or going thru recovery of something major in was my constant worry and job to care for him..I couldn't bare the pain of losing him..even today I remain in the same pain..some sadistic people are still making money and fame out of my life and crushing my heart by not caring enough and make fun of or discuss about 2 individuals personal life...they find happiness in others pain...I am an honest straight forward person who shares everything good and bad in my life to the world .. I dont hide anything as I have nothing to hide..taking advantage of this isn't nice..all I would like to say now is I am going thru another major challenge and I am trying my best to see how I can sort it out as it's not something I'm able to change or ignore as its about life And death..I'm in immense pain and my heart is so heavy..

I am so scared as love is the only thing I want and am scared to lose..I am being bold in facing this challenge without disturbing my work and my life has been a constant struggle and this isn't something new to me. Losing in love is something I've gotten used to but I've always moved on and kept going becoming stronger..believing in love and being disappointed in it is very very painful and unbearable but after a point u become numb..losing a life in front of ur eyes is the most painful. I'm having to deal with that without having control..I cannot say I wish this hadn't happened because life is a lesson and I'm still learning..I'm being strong and facing it with a pinch of salt..I kindly request you to not come to any theories by reading fake news.

I dont deserve To be abused or teased about as the truth is I never did anything wrong..I gave love to someone who needed it..I'm in a situation that all my dreams and hope for in my life might crash..I'm being positive but not convinced as its something which scares me..I'm strong and Bold woman who has faced a lot in life...I'm hoping this too shall pass..please dont speculate anything as it really is the only thing that can crush me..I believe in miracles and hoping for one..whatever is destined I'm ready to face it as it is inevitable. I dont have to clarify anything more to anyone at this point as it's my life and only I can deal with it...and I dont have a habit of exposing my partner and playing blame game so I can look good and gain sympathy..I'm grown up ...I didn't expect this but it happened and I will Make the right decision keeping my kids and the people around me in mind..I hope and pray for the miracle but if not I'll face It still has to go on...nothing can break me anymore...lastly im not giving up yet”.

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