Not just India but entire nations across the world are under lockdown mode because of the COVID-19 Novel Corona Virus Pandemic. This has caused many popular events across the world, including sporting events, political events and other such, to be cancelled. Film shooting has also been cancelled due to the nation-wide lockdown and the need for social distancing amidst the rapidly spreading Corona Virus. But on the other hand, thousands of people who depend on daily wages are starving. Several producers are facing a financial crisis due to this lockdown. Finally, we have some good news for the film industry. The Government has agreed to let a few films to resume the shoot. Producer T Siva has now issued a voice note regarding this: 
 ''Valimai shooting will not begin anytime soon'' - Breaking statement
“Producer who is ready, willing and wanting to resume shoot for their films should send a request letter to the producer council. How many days of shooting, place of shooting, number of members involved in the process? All this information has to be drafted in a request letter addressing to the Producer council. If the producers send their request at the earlier, we can move those requests to the government and get the necessary permission to start shooting. This will not be applicable for new films that have not started shooting or films that are in the early stages of productions. Films that are almost done, final stages of production, few patchworks left films. Only these types of films are eligible to resume shooting is the instruction given by the Minister.” 
 ''Valimai shooting will not begin anytime soon'' - Breaking statement''Valimai shooting will not begin anytime soon'' - Breaking statement
We got in touch with T Siva to check if films like Annaatthe and Valimai can resume shoot and this is what he had to say - “Movies which have just a couple of days shoot pending (about 5-10) days and which can be finished within a short time can approach the Producers Council with a request mentioning their details. The Tamil Nadu State government has said that they would be giving permission for movies to resume shooting based on the priority.” However, T. Siva feels that movies of top stars like Valimai and Annaatthe would not be beginning shoot anytime soon as it is unlikely that these stars would risk resuming shoot this early. The Producers Council has asked for permission to allow 100 members at the shooting spot, citing the example of the permission given for companies to function with a maximum of 100 employees”