It came as a massive shock to everybody when news of actor and dermatologist Dr. Sethuraman's death broke in the month of March this year. The young doctor was just 37 years old and had a whole life of promise and zeal ahead of him and his untimely demise came as an unpleasant surprise. Also, an actor, Dr. Sethu has been a part of a few movies as the lead and was last seen in the 2019 release 50/50. A close friend of Comedy Superstar Santhanam, has acted together with him in films like Kanna Laddu Thinna Aasaiya, Vaaliba Raja, Sakka Podu Podu Raja, etc. While Sethu pursued acting for his passion, he was a full time dermatologist and had a very reputed name in the Tamil Nadu medical scene.  
Sethuramanan was also the founder and Director of Zi Clinic, a reputed upscale dermatology clinic in Chennai. Sethuraman was quite an active personality on social media and was constantly sharing health-related tips through different videos. Even a few days before the death, Sethuraman posted an awareness video about staying safe from Corona virus. His demise came as a shocker for everyone. Now after Sethu’s wife Umayal has shared a long emotional post on how different but close they were. Sethuraman and Umayal got married in 2016 and the couple have 2 kids, a girl and a boy who was born after Sethu’s death. Now check out Umayal’s note on Sethu: 

"What I am and What YOU are not 
- I Love surprises - You hate surprises 
- I express emotions - you keep them simple 
- I love eating at home - you love eating 🍽 out 
- I forget things when I sleep 😴 and get up - you remember things when you sleep and get up 
- I love to make you relax - you love to relax 
- I look for your shoulders to cry 😭 - you smile and wipe my tears 
- I can pretend that everything is ok - you cannot pretend even for a second when something really small is not ok 
- I take small decisions easily - you take the biggest decisions easily 
- I do things for others to be happy - you do things for you and others to be happy 😃 
- I love the way you make me feel when things are out of control - you like it when I give you the space to do your things 
- I love to shop with you - you love to shop alone ( cos u don’t remember that u have the same shirt you just bought already in your closet 😍) 
- I do things slow - you do things in lightening speed 
- I think and ask my mind before doing something - you just close your eyes and do what your heart says 
- I love to take pictures- you love to pose for them 
- I am emotionally strong - you don’t like emotions as they may make you weak 
- I say no to sweets - you never say no to sweets (esp kaju Kathli) 🍫 
- I can gobble my food 🥘 in a minute - you love to taste every bit of it and enjoy food even if it’s in a restaurant or at home 🏠 
- I keep things to myself - you cannot be without sharing what’s in your mind the next minute . 
- I love to keep awake and write - you love to sleep and dream 
- I love you 😍 - you love Sahana 👧 
- I have become you now - you have become little Sethu 👶 and I will cherish each day with you and Sahana 
Love 💕 
Uma Sethuraman"