The entire world continues to be locked in a battle against the coronavirus pandemic, which has claimed millions of lives, with people losing their near and dear ones and the economy also facing a massive slowdown since early 2020. As nations and governments around the world are getting their citizens vaccinated to protect them from COVID-19, there have also been several deaths in the world of entertainment during this period. Although Tamil cinema and TV industry have witnessed several high profile names succumbing to the coronavirus, many notable names have also passed away as a result of other health reasons. In that light, actor Kamanalanathan. G, a street play performer in Anaikattu near Vellore, passed away during one of his acts on Tuesday in front of a live audience. 

The Nadigar Sangam has shared a video in which we see Kamalanathan performing to a crowd, but suddenly falling to the ground and not getting up. It has been revealed that he suffered a heart attack while performing the play Arjunan Dabasu in front of the audience. In the video, right before Kamalanathan falls to the ground, one of his co-artists is seen attempting to grab hold of him before he collapses. Fans on social media have been extending their condolences over the veteran street artiste's demise, with many who have witnessed him perform praising him. Tribute posters too have been put up around Anaikattu in memory of Kamalanathan, who was also an acting teacher and a playwright. 

Below is Nadigar Sangam's video of Kamalanathan's final street play performance before his unforeseen sudden demise in front of a live audience: