The rapidly spreading COVID-19 Corona Virus has been declared a Pandemic and it has already claimed over 2 lakhs of lives with the number of people affected by it, only increasing with each passing day. The Indian Government had earlier issued a 21-day lockdown across the country and has now extended the lockdown period by 19 more days. The government has forbidden any public gatherings or meetings of any kind. It’s been close to 40 days since people have isolated themselves from the outside world. Actress Sunny Leone is someone who has made use of this lockdown.  
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The busy actress has found herself her handy new profession, she is now an artist. Sunny Leone apparently spent 40 days to create this wonderful art work. She took to her Instagram space to share the art what it stands for: “Finally done my lockdown piece of art. Has taken 40days to complete. 
It’s called “broken glass” sort of like our lives at the moment. Everything might feel shattered, but every piece is meant to be next to each other to be made whole again. So if we can work together we also will feel whole again and come back together. Love you all.”